When choosing to install T-STRIPE beneath the glass strip, the heating element effectively becomes ‘invisible’.

Most modern windows out of plastic come with easily removable strips, and more and more wood or metal constructions provide similar features.

Always take precautions when removing any sort of glass strip. When working with older windows the plastic frame can already be brittle and might break. If you have any doubts about the condition of your window  we recommend attaching the heating element directly onto the window pane along the frame.

Assembly beneath the glass strip:

Remove the glass strip.
Attention: With some windows removing the strip may result in the window pane coming loose. Always secure the the pane and if possible reattach the upper strip as soon as you put the heating element in place to secure the pane.

Follow the instructions given in Assembly of a complete set or Professional assembly (ill. 1-5). File a small recess into the plastic through which the cord will later be lead (ill. 6 and 7).

Be sure to smooth out the inner edges of the recess to avoid damaging the cords later on.

Reattach the glass strips (ill. 7).

Enjoy your new condensation-free windows and your newfound quality of life!