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    We will gladly make you a personalised offer anytime. Please note that we require at least some information in order to provide you with an extensive offer:

    - Circumference of windows?

    - Which windows can be opened, what way can they be opened? How many windows are nearby, and how far are they apart?(Please provide us with measurements in cm) What kind of windows are in which rooms?

    - Would you prefer installation with our liquid adhesive or with our double-sided adhesive tape?
    - Would you like to use our aluminium bars to conceal your T-STRIPE installation? Our aluminium bars can be powder coated to fit in with the rest of your windows. Without the bars our heating element has a diameter of only 3.8mm.

    We also recommend the purchase of a thermostat or time switch. The latter can be configured to only operate T-STRIPE during the night, while the thermostat measures the surface temperature of the window pane directly and operate T-STRIPE whenever needed to prevent condensation from occurring. No matter what method you employ, T-STRIPE will keep your windows clean and dry, saving you time and troubles in the process. Simply tell us what method you would be interested in and we will include the items in our offer. 

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