Totally inexpensive window heating system prevents window condensation

Totally inexpensive Heating system as an anti-condensation solution on window panes. All our prices and products and be found in our webshop and our downloads in the support section.

Let us give you two possible examples for equipping your windows with T-STRIPE:

Example 1:

Want to try out T-STRIPE on one of your windows? We got the perfect set for you, including everything you need to assemble and install the T-STRIPE heating system for 99.99€.

The complete set (2.9m – 3.6m) includes:

  • The heating element in the given length
  • Special cleaning detergent to clean both windowpane and heating element
  • Special liquid adhesive to attach the heating element to the window pane
  • Feeder wire set to connect the heating element with the power cord
  • Power cord with safety plug and socket. You can plug T-STIPE into any outlet.

Example 2:

An apartment with four windows (~4m circumference) is equipped with a T-STRIPE heating system.
You will need the following products listed to assemble and install T-STRIPE (one of our partners or any fenestration company will help you will assembly if required):

T-STRIPE  3.6 -4.4m 4 pcs 299.96€
Connector set 2 pcs 13.98€
Thermostat 1 pc 99.99€
Special cleaning detergent for heating element and windowpane 1 pc 4.49€
Special adhesive for T-STRIPE 2 pcs 19.98€
TOTAL 438.40€

Which leaves us at less than 110€ per window.

Worth the investment, since T-STRIPE

  • increases the lifetime of your windows
  • prevents mold growth and mold spores
  • keeps windows from radiating cold
  • increases comfort and environment quality in your own home

Never again problems with wet window panes and hazardous mold spores. Heating system to prevent condensation of water. No more damage to window constructions.

Some of our products:

Please refer to our webshop for additional products surrounding the T-STRIPE heating system.