Condensation is a phenomenon that is a result of general humidity and surface temperature.

To avoid condensation two steps are absolutely necessary: Regular ventilation (humidity between 40% and 60% is best) and an increase in surface temperature – in this case with the innovative T-STRIPE window heating system!

trockene Fenster mit Heizung

Condensation forms on a lot of window panes, especially on skylights. With the T-STRIPE heating system, your window panes will stay dry.

Condensation and its consequences – dampness, mold, wood rot, or corrosion – usually form along the edges of the window frame. Differences in temperature on the out-and inside of the glass will cause a sharp drop in temperature along the edges of the window pane itself. This happens even with expensive constructions like double glazed windows. These areas are generally considered the weakest location of window constructions.

Advantages of using T-STRIPE window heating system

  • can be used with any type of window
  • simple assembly
  • 3.8 diameter makes T-STRIPE nearly invisible
  • fits into the smallest of spaces
  • aesthetically pleasing silver wire braiding

  • no need for additional heaters
  • low energy consumption (7-12 watt/meter)
  • UV resistant
  • resistant to household cleaning agents
  • long service life (10 – 15 years)

What is this T-STRIPE system and how does it work?

T-STRIPE is a flexible heating element with a diameter of only 3.8mm. After simply attaching it to the window pane along with the frame a standard 230V outlet is all you need to operate T-STRIPE.

T-STRIPE heats up the window pane along its edges and therefore keeps condensation from forming. No matter what kind of windows  – metal, wood, plastic – you have, T-STRIPE will keep them dry, therefore saving you energy costs and repairs.