Detailed assembly instructions of window heating system

You can download detailed assembly instructions on this page in portable document format, both in low and high resolution. If you don’t have a program installed to view .pdf files already, you can download the Adobe Reader for free.

Heating element at window

In principle your main choice when purchasing T-STRIPE window heating system is to either get complete sets or to pick parts separately:

T-STRIPE Complete set

T-STRIPE Complete set

The complete set includes:

  • The heating element in the given length
  • Special cleaning detergent to clean both windowpane and heating element
  • Special liquid adhesive to attach the heating element to the window pane
  • Feeder wire set to connect the heating element with the power cord
  • Power cord with safety plug and socket. You can plug T-STRIPE into any outlet.

We generally recommend the purchase of complete sets, especially when you want to try out T-STRIPE on one of your windows before purchasing more, or if there are only a few windows you wish to equip with T-STRIPE.

Save yourself the trouble of manually plugging the heating system in and out constantly. We recommend time switches or thermostats for this task, also available in our webshop.

If you choose to pick parts yourself we recommend the following components:

  • The heating element in the given length
  • Thermostat to control the T-STRIPE heating system, you can choose between a normal thermostat and a radio thermostat

Picking parts individually pay off whenever you want to equip several windows at once. A big plus compared to the complete set is the double-sided adhesive tape which makes the installation of the T-STRIPE heating system simple, clean, and easy. No matter what you purchase, a thermostat is always recommended, saving you time and trouble when operating T-STRIPE.

Different types of windows facilitate different kinds of installation types:

Installation of the heating system with metal, plastic, and wood window constructions. Prevention of mold and condensation.

Kondenswasser am KunstoffensterPlastic windows

Usually, with plastic windows, it’s possible to remove the glass strip and install T-STRIPE beneath it. If this is not possible then T-STRIPE can always be attached to the window pane directly, either with the liquid adhesive or the double-sided adhesive tape. Using the aluminum bar should always be considered as well.

Kondenswasser am HolzfensterWood windows

Wooden windows seldom feature removable glass strips, so most of our customers decide to either attach the heating element to the pane directly, and for the bigger part they also decide to use the aluminum bar to hide the installation. The bar comes in silver, but can always be powder coated to fit the color of your wooden frames.

Kondenswasser am MetalfensterMetal windows

This type of window usually benefits a great deal from the aluminum bar used to hide a T-STRIPE installation. The bar can be powder coated in any color you like, but just as with the other types of windows, T-STRIPE can be directly attached to the window pane or installed behind a removable glass strip.