Low-cost Window heating system energy costs:

Low-cost window heating system for the prevention of condensation water. Energy consumption and energy costs in correlation to T-STRIPE differ between households, depending on the size and number of windows that are going to be equipped with the T-STRIPE heating system.

We are aware of this aspect and therefore tested T-STRIPE in an apartment in Vienna and carefully documented the additional energy costs:

Size and number of windows directly influence energy costs.

The size and number of windows directly influence energy costs.

Example of T-STRIPE being hidden underneath an aluminium bar.

Example of T-STRIPE being hidden underneath an aluminum bar.

5 windows have been equipped with T-STRIPE

  • Each window had a circumference of at least 3.5m
  • Energy consumption per window approximated 35 watt
  • T-STRIPE was being controlled via the thermostat and only switched on when necessary
  • Testing was conducted from October to April in Vienna

Winter hours of operation cost per Winter (€)
2014/15 1354 51,66
2015/16 1021 38,95
2016/17 1340 51,12
2017/18 1368 52,19
2018/19 1637 62,45
2019/20  1659  63,29
2020/21  1526  58,22

* Electricity price: € 0.218 / kWh

About 2/3 of the energy used is emitted as radiant heat into the living space. (ibo report)

With energy costs this low you save yourself the trouble of

  • repeated airing of rooms, not only an unnecessary hassle but also resulting in additional heating costs
  • having to worry about your health and the health of your children, effectively preventing mold spores to ever occur
  • having to wipe your windows daily.
  • increase the service life of your windows and keep repair costs at a minimum
  • increase the worth of your property
  • increase comfort and environment quality in your rooms.

A low-cost window heating system stops condensation water. The heating system prevents mold from occurring. Solutions for glass fronts and winter gardens to prevent condensation water on window panes.