T-STRIPE has proven itself in already more than 1500 cases across a variety of environments – be it apartments, houses or office buildings.

Our customers appreciate our heating system when it comes to keeping their skylights, winter gardens and expansive window fronts dry and free of condensation.

Let us take this chance to present only a few of our many references:

  • – Apartment in Herbagasse, Vienna
  • – New building in Kundmanngasse, Vienna
    Assembly and Installation done by: TKM, Vienna
  • Volksbank Chemnitz, Germany
    Assembly and Installation done by: Rainer Glock, Berlin
  • – Swimming pool in a flat in Leonberg, Germany
    Assembly and Installation done by: Glaserei Stotz, Mössingen
  • Villa Vauban (registered historical monument!), Luxembourg
    Assembly and Installation done by: Annen S.A., Luxembourg

But we should really let our customers say what they think of T-STRIPE:

My worst enemy – a constantly dripping window – has become my best friend. I never thought I would experience the joy of having dry windows, and with the aluminium bars it even looks better than before. I am very satiesfied with your service, shipment and the effectiveness of your product. I will definitely recommend you and your product. 19. January 2010
Jürgen Ebner from Pitten (A)