How it started with the T-STRIPE window heating system

It started back in December 2003 when I bought my new apartment but soon had to realize that on every one of my windows a thick layer of condensation water would form over the course of the day. Literally, every single one of my windows suffered from heavy condensation water. This problem spurred me on to develop the T-STRIPE window heating system. What followed were weeks and months spent talking to building developers, experts and window fabricants looking for a possible solution to my problem.

kondenswasser am fensterSadly excuses and ignorance were the only things I was met with. Most of the time people told me I was to blame, apparently, I didn’t take care of proper ventilation, dared to live in my own apartment, and so on and so forth.

Even after scouring the market for months, I couldn’t find a suitable solution for my problem. Some concepts I came across were either hard to implement or either ended up being too expensive. And most of them were an eyesore as well.

This was simply unacceptable. I began looking for a solution on my own. Not an easy task, surely, but after a lot of conversations with other people who suffered from ‘wet’ windows, I felt even more motivated to find a solution.

Eventually I ended up designing a heating system specifically for window panes and had a few prototypes produced. After many weeks of testing and tweaking, I was finally able to find a solution to my problem.

The effort was worth it and I am pleased to present the result of my experiments, the T-STRIPE window heater, on this website. You are welcome to order T-STRIPE in our webshop and see the result for yourself.

I hope you will experience the same joy and increase in life quality that I did.


Maximilian Hron

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