T-STRIPE is the first customizable heating system that helps to avoid condensation water on window panes.

Effectiveness of T-STRIPE:

  • No more condensation water on window panes
  • No mold or resulting mold health issues
  • Dry and simply beautiful windows
  • Increases longevity of your windows while reducing potential repair costs
  • Increase in comfort through heat dissipation
  • No need to constantly air your rooms


T-STRIPE is a proven system that already keeps windows in hundreds of houses, office, and apartment buildings dry and free of any form of condensation. Our customers appreciate what T-STRIPE does for their skylights, winter gardens, and large size glass constructions.

Condensation water can be an expensive and annoying problem. It can also turn into a serious health hazard quickly:


because condensation water will not only harm the rubber casing over time, it will also damage the window frame and window sill and begin to erode the surrounding masonry. This will mean a dramatic increase in heating costs as well as high repair costs for you.


because most people decide to constantly wipe their windows and ventilate their rooms by opening their windows and doors repeatedly for short time periods. Not only is this a lot of hassle, it also means they have to reheat their rooms over and over, again raising their heating costs!

A health hazard

because wherever condensation water erodes surfaces the danger of mold and mold spores exists. Mold spores can set off allergies and over a prolongued amount of time severely endanger people’s immune and respiratory systems. Cold windows also affect the indoor environment quality negatively.

Cold window with condensation